Life Lessons…They’re Ongoing

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with a gym full of middle-schoolers at Lane Middle School in West Allis, Wisconsin, on the topic of ACHIEVEMENT, and OVERCOMING OBSTACLES. While I talked a bit about the overcoming of my own physical challenges after my climbing accident, I was able to reflect a bit about what it is like to be a middle-schooler. It’s tough! Check out the suggestions below….

overcoming obstacles 101

  • View your obstacle as a challenge, or a very deep ADVENTURE!
  • Befriend yourself. Love who you are!
  • Celebrate your quirks, oddities, and what makes you different and special.
  • Be able to LAUGH at yourself! (it’s really important)
  • Stop judging yourself, and others.
  • Do your BEST…then let it go. Focus on the POSITIVE and stay there.
  • Find your “tribe” (Folks who get you, and you get them.)
  • Squash any feelings of shame like a bug….SPLAT!
  • Be Creative! Adapt….do what works for YOU.
  • Remember, YOU are the star of your own life masterpiece.
  • Reach out, connect. Be around people who celebrate you.
  • Always remember, COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF JOY.
  • Rock on!!! Love, Chris

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