Amp’d Up 211 Podcast Interview

I so enjoyed this podcast with Rick Bontkowski, host of Amp’d UP 211 (despite having to disrobe mid-interview due to a hot flash. Haha!) Check out the other interviews Rick has done and support this amazing platform!

TIME. The gift that does not keep giving

Today is the nine year anniversary of my accident (my “traumaversary,” as it is sometimes called). I almost forgot this date as the day approached! One of the advantages of acclimating to a new normal I guess–the significance of this date looms less and less in importance as other noteworthy life events come into the…

How Do We Do This?

EIGHT YEARS AGO I WAS RE-LEARNING HOW TO WALK. December through March were spent in a fuzzy haze mixed with trepidation and fear about the future. With hardware affixed to my hips and confined to a hospital bed in our living room, I asked myself again and again, How do I do this? How does…

Collecting Stories, Surviving, and Re-Defining Hope

(Raw honesty alert.  If you’re looking for a feel good post, kindly exit now.) Every year at this time, I become a little melancholy.  Wisconsin winters are harsh—gearing up for them each year takes its toll for sure.  My accident happened eight years ago, today.  Parenting continues to be challenging in many respects.  I’m now…


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I’m Chris. An adoptive mom and trauma survivor. I’ve been in the the trenches and am here to offer hope.

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